Become a protagonist through the NamiExperience


Each instrument is born from the work of my hands in a pure and unique way. With passion and dedication I made each one of the Handpan in an artisan way, together with the freedom that the place where I build it gives me.

NAMIEXPERIENCE is the possibility of living the magic of the place where your instrument comes from.
You can choose the option of 3/5/7 days.

Namiexperience includes:

  • NamiPan instrument
  • Hardcase, rigid case
  • Personalized and individualized lessons
  • Accommodation
  • Excursion to the workshop
  • And with the possibility of yoga, surfing, excursions, music therapy, spa, workshops, transfers.
  • It is possible to choose the option of 3/5/7 days.
    For availability and prices you can write to: