Musical Scales

The Handpan is a set of experiences, attempts, errors and perseverance, all indispensable to reach lovely and precious sound results. The unique craftsmanship of the artisan work that is taking shape is transmitted in the instrument, which becomes a unique and unrepeatable work.

Five years of research and experimentation on different materials allowed me to choose three different types of steel, to reach the best result according to the musical scale.
You can choose between:
STEINLESS STEEL with a crystal clear and long sound
DC04 with press molding and strong nitriding, with an energetic and warm sound. When touched, the touch of the fingers becomes almost imperceptible.
DC04 with lathe molding and medium nitriding, optimal for the lowest scales.
Each instrument is made through a 'tailoring' work, made to your needs and carved according to your needs and ideas.